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mosquito nets of all kinds
komarnici svih vrsta

Protect your corner without disturbing it, discover a variety of mosquito nets.

Integrated into the blind box

Roll mosquito net

A net that serves to protect against unwanted insects. It is made of quality material, fiberglass, which is resistant to all weather conditions.

Može se montirati integriran u kutiju rolete ili naknadno na okvir prozoraIt is available in all dimensions depending on the size of the opening. The edges of the mesh pass through guides that are protected by special brushes that prevent damage and tearing of the mesh. The pull mechanism consists of a spring that enables an even pull.

Standard and customizable

Fixed mosquito net

Fixed mosquito nets are a functional and affordable solution to your problems with insects. The frame of the mosquito net is made of AL profile on which a fiberglass mesh is stretched. The mosquito net is mounted on the window frame. The installation of the mosquito net is very simple, there are hooks that allow easy removal and installation.

Practical and simple

Harmo, pleated mosquito net

Harmo mosquito nets are the latest system of free-standing mosquito nets and are intended for protection against insects for passages to the balcony or terrace. They are made to measure and guarantee your protection. They are made of an extruded aluminum frame resistant to corrosion, the mosquito net is made of pleated and seam-welded polypropylene fabric. The net does not tear and is easy to clean with water. The control of the harmo mosquito net is horizontal. The mosquito net is folded into a package and opens like an accordion. Opening and closing is possible from the outside and inside. Pleated mosquito nets can be installed on all types of doors and do not require a lot of space.

quality and usual

Door mosquito net

Revolving mosquito nets for doors

Pivoting mosquito nets are mosquito nets that are most often used for balcony or entrance doors due to their ease of use when passing through the door. These mosquito nets are made on door fittings ("hinges"). They are made of aluminum profiles with fiberglass mesh. They are most often made in white. They can be plasticized in the color of your choice. They can also be double-winged for large widths

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