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Harmonized with the space,
benches according to taste

Benches as functional window elements, from external protection to internal decor.

Long-lasting and high-quality

Window benches

Window sills are the lower part of the window. They serve as wall protection, but today they are also used as protection of the horizontal part of the wall and as a decorative part, and often as a place for storage or rest (shelves, benches). We distinguish between external and internal windowsills. Outdoor benches should be resistant to atmospheric influence; design and color adapted to the facade of the building, while the internal benches should be made of warmer materials and a better finish.

There are several types of benches for PVC carpentry:


Some of them can be for both external and internal use and some only for external or internal use.

PVC window benches

PVC window sills are for interior finishing works and are the most common. They have a chamber system that prevents heat transfer. They are rounded from the front, have side ends that complete the aesthetic impression and a surface that is very easy to clean. They can be cut to width so you can easily adapt it to your space.

Stone windowsills

Stone windowsills are among the oldest building elements. They are stable, give a very good aesthetic impression because they are available in different color tones. They can be made of marble or granite. We recommend granite because it is less porous than marble. When you install them, you have to be careful to take a good measure because they are harder to narrow later. They are processed with special stone saws. Under no circumstances should the benches be installed from the same width for indoor and outdoor as condensation could occur.

ALU window benches

Aluminum windowsills are solid and reliable. They have side ends to prevent water from spilling from the side to the wall. They are plasticized and usually in white color (there is also brown anodized). They are available in different standard widths so they can be customized. They are usually mounted on polyurethane foam so that there is no noise when raindrops hit. They are for external use only

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