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Simple solutions,
custom-made blinds

In accordance with your wishes - our blinds, your choice of simplicity and quality.

Long-lasting and high-quality

PROtex blinds:
for all common window systems

Increase your quality of life and protect yourself from bad weather, burglaries and curious neighbors!
Different box sizes, a wide range of colors and compatibility with all window systems, as well as for renovation and new construction - our PROtex blind system provides a simple choice without sacrificing the best protection.

Types of lamellas:

Aluminum slats

Top qualities for blinds filled with polyurethane filling have exceptional insulating properties.
Available in all colors, according to your wish.

PVC slats

They guarantee excellent thermal and mechanical stability and resistance to all, including extreme climatic conditions.
Available in white and gray.

Lifting/lowering mechanism:


Integrated- Mechanism within the profile.

External - the mechanism is located outside


on a switch or remote control.


Lifting/lowering mechanism:


Integrated- Mechanism within the profile.

External - the mechanism is located outside


on a switch or remote control.


Lifting/lowering mechanism:

It is very important to coordinate the colors of the blinds with other elements in the room. When choosing blinds, you should take into account the external appearance of the building, as well as the interior.

The use of dark colors can create a predominant expression on the facade and thus reduce the value of other elements. And in the interior space, you should be careful about choosing dark blinds, because in addition to shading, the space will become additionally dark and thus create a closed effect.

Light colors are less expressive in space, both exterior and interior.

Deceuninck blinds

Tehnical specifications

› Različite veličine nadžbuknih i podžbuknih kutija

› Available as an upper and lower lip version

› Available as external blinds

› Starting with a belt, lever or electric motor

› Large selection of colors suitable for all standard windows

› The blind box is available with or without a mosquito net - for protection against insects

› Subsequent installation of insect protection is possible

› The possibility of starting with the help of an electric motor

› Safe, fast and economical installation of the box on the frame using the appropriate adapter

› The thermal insulation value U exceeds the required value according to DIN 4108 (U ≤ 0.85 W/m2K) with values up to U 0.76 W/m2K.

› The value of the temperature factor f R ≥ 0.70 for protection against condensation and prevention of mold even exceeds the given DIN norm

› Fully insulated lamella area with large brushes

› Patented axle ball bearing

› Inspection cover: fixing without screws, possible inspection from the bottom or back

Deceuninck blinds

Types of blinds and blind boxes

PROtex blind boxes

Comprehensive protection for all common window systems.

The narrow building height of the system enables discreet integration into almost all facades.

+ 5 different box sizes for a maximum element height of 3.15m
+ Četkasta brtva omogućuje potpunu izolaciju spremišnog prostora
+ Adapter u obliku klipse omogućuje sigurnu, brzu i jednostavnu montažu
+ Jedinstveno pričvršćivanje motornog ležaja Somfy bez vijaka
+ Patentirana roletna osovina u obliku kugličnog ležaja
+ Revizijski poklopac
+ Integrirani utor
+ Isporuka sa zaštitom od insekata i bez nje, moguća naknadna ugradnja
+ Brtveni jastučići za bolju zračnu nepropusnost

Podžbukna kutija za rolete PROtex

Kutija za rolete može biti potpuno integrirana u žbuku.

Podžbukna kutija za rolete PROtex dostupna je u dvije različite veličine s maksimalnom visinom elemenata od 3,15 m.

PROtex external blinds

Outdoor blinds are an alternative to blinds. With external blinds, you direct daylight according to your needs and at the same time protect your privacy.

Deceuninck blinds

External blinds, front window blinds

If you want to protect yourself from heat, rain, snow, wind or unwanted views, blinds are the right choice for you. External blinds are the best blinds if you already have a window installed, which allow you to gradually regulate the lighting in the room, and contribute to heat and sound insulation.

Depending on your request, we install PVC or ALU blind slats in external blinds.

PROtex catalog

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