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Shades that create
a pleasant atmosphere

Shades that protect from light, creating a pleasant atmosphere, adapted to your taste and space.

decoration and protection

Striped curtain

They are intended for room decoration and protection from the sun. The slats are made of anti-static impregnated materials. They are mostly used in business premises, but they fit perfectly into the residential area as well.
Mounting is possible in several ways: ceiling, side or on inclined surfaces.

The strips can be 63.5mm, 89mm, 127mm or 250mm wide, depending on your preference. The most common one used is 127mm.
The drive, depending on your wishes, can be pulled on a string and turned on a chain, started on a chain or driven by an electric motor with a wall switch or remote control.

A large selection of colors and quality materials that have the possibility of partial or complete darkening and special ones that are resistant to fire leave room for a decision about this very method of protection from the sun and unwanted views into your privacy.

Standard and customizable

Venetian blinds

Aluminum internal venetian blinds represent extremely high-quality protection from the harmful rays of the sun, but also from unwanted views into the privacy of your business premises or household.

Although they are the most common shades in commercial spaces, they are also used more and more in households because of their visual appearance which contributes to the appearance of any interior, ease of installation, and price, which plays a big role.

Handling is simple and functional in all models.

Aluminum Venetian blinds act in such a way that the angle of incidence of the sun's rays differs from the angle of our view from the space through the slats of the Venetian blind, and in this way, we get the desired atmosphere in the space where we live.

The possibilities are great, so we offer several models in several variants with a large selection of colors.

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